The Maraia Minutes

Twenty Workplace Habits You Need to Break

Volume 11, Issue 11

Read through this list and see if you can spot one or more behaviors that YOU frequently exhibit when interacting with peers, clients and friends. It's...

Deepening Relationships for More Effective Leadership

Volume 11, Issue 10

Recently, we have observed an increasing interest in effective law firm leadership. Nearly every firm we work with is now realizing that practice group (and...

A Tale of Two Sisters

Volume 11, Issue 9

As I've said before, your attitude is everything. It can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. I recently met a lawyer from Canada who...

Relationships Are Everything!

Volume 11, Issue 8



Part I: Starting Relationships

Chapter 1 - Fourteen...

Meeting More Decision Makers

Volume 11, Issue 7

To some professionals, knowing lots of decision makers is the holy grail of marketing. They figure that knowing more decision makers will lead to more...

How Much Time Should I Spend Marketing?

Volume 11, Issue 6

From time to time we get asked how many hours per week lawyers should devote to business development at the various stages of their careers, especially as...

Ending Late Meeting Starts: A Success Story

Volume 11, Issue 5

One of the most maddening and persistent problems in law firms is that meetings start chronically late. As readers know, lawyers are among the most...

Re-ignite Your Curiosity

Volume 11, Issue 4

When we coach lawyers and other professionals we are often asked what sets great rainmakers apart from the pack. What we've found is that successful...

The Three Levels of Networking

Volume 11, Issue 3

In our work as coaches we find it crucial to assess our clients' attitudes towards networking. Everyone we work with comes to us with different...

Releasing Negative Emotions

Volume 11, Issue 2

This month's issue is on a topic about which almost everyone knows very little: Releasing negative emotions. In our coaching work, we frequently find...

Increasing the Value of Your Network

Volume 11, Issue 1

I've noticed in my work with professionals from around the globe that great rainmakers, either intentionally or unintentionally, seek to increase the...