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Bonus issue & LinkedIn Tip & Invitation
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Due to the vast number of people I've worked with and made friends with during my twenty year career as a business development coach I've had no easy way to communicate with the entire group. If you weren't previously a subscriber to The Maraia Minutes you will now begin receiving our newsletters.  However, if you're not interested in receiving further email messages from me please click here to unsubscribe.  
My reason for sending you this message is pragmatic: I'd like to stay in touch and share my unique perspective with you. One way to do that is through this newsletter.  Indeed there really is no more practical way for me to connect with thousands of people.  Now with the advent of social media there is another way: LinkedIn.  
So...I'd like to invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn.  I'd have preferred to send the invite from within LinkedIn but there are severe limitations with doing this with so many people.  It also doesn't allow me to personalize the message like I'm sending you now.    
In this bonus issue and in the coming months, I'll be sharing tips, ideas and tools you can use to maximize your online presence and your analog relationship building.  The goal with this next tip will be to help you become more visible to your clients, prospective clients, referral sources and friends online.  
Here's the tip: Put some thought into how your "headline" reads on LinkedIn.  One of our longtime subscribers, Dale Burket is a real estate lawyer based in Orlando, Florida.  Dale's old LinkedIn headline said: "Partner at Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, P.A." Not too unlike many professionals who bother to create a LinkedIn profile.  It doesn't tell me anything about what Dale can do to help my clients, contacts and friends.  Newcomers to LinkedIn don't realize that the headline is seen far more often by others (strangers included) because that is how LinkedIn works.  The headline is what people see along with your name and picture.  You want that headline to invite connection.  [Note: If you don't have a picture in your profile you're not making it easy for people to connect with you either so add a picture!]  
In a brief email message to Dale I urged him to spice up his headline since I knew that he had been doing tons of reading, blogging and networking in the green building sector.  Here is what he came up with less than 24 hours after my message: "Florida Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer and Author/Editor of Green Blog at"  Click here to see Dale's new profile. Major improvement don’t you think?
Now every time Dale shows up in a LinkedIn search people see his new headline instead of the old, plain vanilla headline. My suggestion to you: Change your headline today!  You're allowed 120 characters for the headline so make every letter count. If you change your headline, please send me a LinkedIn message letting me know about it.  
Oh and please invite me to connect with you on LinkedIn!