The Maraia Minutes


Relationships Are Everything!

Volume 11, Issue 8



Part I: Starting Relationships

Chapter 1 - Fourteen Ways to Generate Leads Fast: Where Do I Find People Who Might Want to Hire Me?

Chapter 2 - Make it Fun or You Won't Call: How Do I Choose Who to Call First?

Chapter 3 - Leaving Voice Mails That Get Returned: What Protocols Do I Follow When Leaving Messages?

Chapter 4 - Meeting More Decision-Makers: How Can I Broaden My Future Pool of Decision-Makers?

Chapter 5 - Acing Your First Marketing Meeting: What Questions Should I Ask and What Benchmarks Should I Achieve?

Chapter 6 - Practice Makes Perfect in Beauty Contests: How Can Preparation Lead to Winning Beauty Contests?

Chapter 7 - Ideas to Kick Start Your Networking Efforts: What Have Others Done to Start Relationships?

Part II: What Can I Bring to Relationships

Chapter 8 - Marketing With an Abundance Mentality: Can Helping Others Improve My Marketing Efforts?

Chapter 9 - In Pursuit of Greatness: How Can I Make Greatness My Objective?

Chapter 10 - Coaching Internal Champions: What Can I Offer My Champions to Ensure I Get Hired?

Chapter 11 - Re-ignite Your Curiosity: How Can "Curiosity" Help Me Improve My Relationships?

Chapter 12 - Remaining True to Yourself: How Can Being Authentic Improve My Marketing?

Chapter 13 - Fun Can Drive Your Marketing Efforts: Am I Having Enough Fun With My Marketing?

Chapter 14 - Releasing Negative Emotions: How Can I Keep Negative Emotions From Ruining Relationships?

Chapter 15 - When Service Falters: Can Burnout Hurt Service and How Do I Recover From It?

Part III: Improving Relationships with Clients

Chapter 16 - The Three Levels of Networking: Could I Improve My Marketing by Giving More to Others?

Chapter 17 - Increasing the Value of Your Network: How Do Great Rainmakers Increase the Value of Their Networks?

Chapter 18 - Competing with Giants: How Do I Keep My Clients Forever and Keep My Competition at Bay?

Chapter 19 - Networking at Deeper Levels: How Can I Improve My Odds of Meeting With People?

Chapter 20 - The Three Roles of Great Rainmakers: How Do Great Rainmakers Maintain Their Client Relationships?

Chapter 21 - Delivering Value to Clients: How Can I Refocus the "Fees" Discussion to One About Value?

Chapter 22 - Inspiring Client Confidence: How Do Rainmakers Build Trust?

Chapter 23 - Taking Notes Can Make You Stand Out: How Does Note Taking Give Me an Advantage in Relationships?

Chapter 24 - Empower Your Assistant: How Can a Triage Approach to Calls Improve My Relationships?

Chapter 25 - Building Your Team's Credibility: How Can I Build Team Credibility and Inspire Client Confidence?

Part IV: Making More Time for Relationships

Chapter 26 - Devoting Hours to Business Development: How Much Time Should I Spend Marketing?

Chapter 27 - Invest Your Marketing Time Wisely: How Do I Make Time for Marketing?

Chapter 28 - Fire Your Blackberry! How Can Turning Off My Blackberry Give Me More Time for Relationships?

Chapter 29 - Starved for Time? Adopt the 5 Ds Approach: How Can I Be More Productive?

Chapter 30 - Obstacles to Effective Delegation: What Stops Me From Being an Effective Delegator?

Chapter 31 - How to Delegate Effectively: What Steps Can I Take to Delegate Effectively?

Chapter 32 - Increase Your Assistant's Role in Marketing: How Can My Assistant Help With Marketing?

Part V: Improving Relationships within the Firm

Chapter 33 - Raising Your Internal Profile: How Do I Network Within My Firm?

Chapter 33A - Questions to Help You Connect With Partners: What Can I Ask to Deepen My Relationships With Partners?

Chapter 34 - Internal Presentations to Your Partners: How Do I Get More Work and New Clients From My Partners?

Chapter 35 - Top 10 Coaching Errors to Avoid: How Can Coaching Skills Be Applied to Our Conversations with Colleagues?

Chapter 36 - Volunteering to Split Billing Credit: How Can We Encourage Collaboration, Improve Service to Clients, Inspire Associates and Free Senior Partners to Market More?

Chapter 37 - The Perils of Insecure Rainmakers: How Could Some of Our Top Rainmakers Double Their Books of Business?

Chapter 38 - Getting Unresponsive Partners to Market: How Can We Motivate Partners to Cooperate in Marketing?

Chapter 39 - Developing the Next Generation of Rainmakers: How Can We Close the Gap Between Today's and Tomorrow's Rainmakers?

Chapter 40 - Creating a Rainmaker: How Can I Mentor an Associate and Help My Practice Grow?

Chapter 41 - Stop Punishing Your Best Associates!: How Can We Avoid Associate Churn?

Chapter 42 - Motivating Others to Market: How Can We Create a Self-Propelled Marketing Culture?

Chapter 43 - Making Collaboration Happen: How Can I Model Collaboration?

Part VI: Other Rainmaking Skills

Chapter 44 -Finding Top Lateral Talent: What Must Not Be Overlooked to Stay Competitive?

Chapter 45 - Third Party Endorsements: Can My Clients Help Me Sell?

Chapter 46 -Hiring a Great Coach: How Do I Tell the Difference Between a Great Coach and a Good One?

Chapter 47 -Setting Metrics and Targets: How Can I Improve My Marketing Efforts Using Metrics?

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