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Use Team Meetings to Deliver Greater Value

Does every meeting of the team which serves your best clients always deliver a tangible benefit to the client?  If not, I'd suggest you view the next team meeting that way.

One of my clients is a corporate lawyer and non-equity partner in his firm.  He is intent on joining the equity partner ranks as fast as he can, but he's only been with the firm for less than a year.  He told me about an upcoming meeting with the entire service delivery team for a banking client that he was instrumental in landing.  This bank has no inside counsel and is expecting this lawyer and his firm to serve in that role.  So arr, sounds great, right?

My client isn't a banking lawyer but when he was asked by his coach what his plan was for the meeting (since he was the peerson who landed the work), he had no clue.  He is not unusual, that is the norm.  That's also pitiful!  Let me be blund:  Have a clue!

One simple thing he can do is to compile a one-page list of every person on this bank's service delivery team (including legal assistants!) and explain the kinds of questions which are appropriate for each person.  I also told him this:  Make sure every meeting of your service delivery team delivers a tangible (and felt) benefit to the client!  He found that one idea extremely helpful since he's new to the partner ranks and doesn't understand everything that's involved in being the relationship partner.

That might mean creating a list of action items that flowed from the meeting or questions he will ask the client that arose during the meeting so that the client knows you're advocating for him.

If you'd adopt this simple rule at every meeting of your service delivery team, I'll bet you my house your client will be impressed...and their confidence in you will increase.